Walking Trails

Walking Trails

Downtown Heritage Walking Trail

This self-guided tour takes less than an hour, allowing you to see fascinating brickwork and window designs from the Victorian era, and learn about the mill industry that helped establish a thriving local economy here in the 1800s.

Start the loop tour at any point and feel free to explore.

The Village is located on the West Branch of the Credit River, known for its pure cold water and trout fishing as it flows to wards Lake Ontario. With significant lands in the Greenbelt, Erin helps preserve its natural heritage in vast areas of forest and wetlands, as well as prime agricultural land. The long, rounded hill just to the west is a drumlin, deposited by a glacier 12,000 years ago.

With a lively economy, a strong arts and sports culture, a high level of safety and a plan for moderate growth, the Town of Erin has been identified as one of the Top 100 Places to Live in Canada.
Please visit our shops, get to know our friendly people and admire the small-town architecture that is being preserved for generations to come.

Download your map and guide of the Downtown Heritage Walking Trail CLICK HERE


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